System Equipments


  • Connected to outdoor panel, has 4 camera input
  • Provide to watch of cameras from appartment, work under 24VDC
  • Dimension is 115x90x40 mm



DGV-MEM 1000 Picture Memory Module

  • 1000 Pictures Memory Module , can take of photo of last 1000 visitor when is owner absent , and is digital picture recorder that provide to take record and transfer to PC when necessary .
  • Memory area is shareable for each appartment , at the same time usable as common.
  • Working voltage is 24 VDC
  • Dimension is 115x90x40 mm



DGV-CAT5D Gate Convertor

  • It provides to connvert to available mode of door panels for Cat5 lines and 2 video and 2 audio communication lines.





DGV-HUB System Distributor

  • It is used for multiplex to 4 channels of sytem signals
  • Has 1 input 4 output, working voltage is 24 VDC
  • Dimension is 115x90x40 mm



DGV-VAMP Video Amplifier

  • It is used to amplify and transmit to long distance of video and data signals.
  • Has 1 input 4 output, working voltage is 24 VDC.
  • Dimension is 115x90x40 mm





DGV-PIN8 Active Floor Distributor

  • Is designed to distribute 2 channels audio and video
  • Has feature of 1 input-4 output apartment distribute , also audio and video.
    It takes 24VDC working voltage over system.
    Dimension is 115x90x40 mm




DGV-BLK Block Module

  • Has feature of 2 channels audio and video input-output, automatic chanel select ,
  • Structure that provide apartment-door- reception-building exits, working voltage is 24 VDC, has DIN mount standarts
  • Dimension is 115x90x40 mm




DGV-2403 Power Supply

  • It is 220V input, 24V 3A output power supply, produced in DIN standarts
  • Has short circuit and extreme load protecting, mount type is panel
  • Dimension is 115x90x40 mm

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